2 myśli nt. „Pomóż Julce

  1. Azucena Mosimann

    I don’t genuinely treatment how or after i get the Letters in the Mail. Every time it arrives, it feels like a letter should be. It’s suddenly there in my mail box just one day. A pleasant, tangible surprise. I’m for you doing whatever you want when you send it. Mix it up to the persons who help get it sent out. Include crumbs from your lunch. Coffee stains. Whatever. Keep the tedious naturel of getting letters out to a minimum by doing whatever you feel like that day. The arrival with the letter and the words in the author inside are what matters. Personally, what I like very best about The Rumpus is that I under no circumstances know what I’ll read through that day. Or if there is not one which day, maybe it’s because Stephen couldn’t obtain anything to say or there was far too much planning on.

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